How to Install a Window

The top sash and again if you have them cut  the balance cords  remove the top sash being careful not to  damage the exterior blind stop next  remove the balance cord pulleys if they  can’t be removed just pound them inside  the frame with a hammer many newer  windows like this one work a little bit  differently with a sash open I’ll remove  the screws that hold this plastic stop  then pull out the stop now.

I can lower  the sash cut the cords and remove it  then I’ll remove the top sash the same  way  and finally I’ll take out the remaining  stops and that’ll do it for wood frame  window removal to see the next step  watch how to install a replacement  window east at if you  have a stucco house with aluminum frames  start by measuring the width of the  interior frame at the top middle and  bottom also measure the height from the  highest point on the sill at the left  middle and right give the smallest width  and height measurements to Lowe’s and an  associate will help you get the right  window to remove the sash open the  window lift it up and tilt the bottom  out before you remove the fixed sash  it’s a good idea to tape the glass just  in case it should break then take the  screws out of the divider and remove it  some windows may require a hacksaw see  the printable instructions for more  details then slide the frame lift it up  and tilt the bottom out now you’re ready  to install your window check out the  next video in this series how to install  a replacement window west at  you.