How to Install a Window – Removal and Measurement Part 1

You might think you’re saving money by  not replacing your old or broken windows  but in fact those old windows could be  costing you money in energy loss with a  replacement window you can do the repair  yourself and make your house look a lot  better in the process replacement  windows fit inside the existing window  frame so you only have to remove a few  parts of the old window before your new  installation in this video I’m going to  show you how to measure for your new  replacement window as well as remove the  existing sashes replacement windows come  in two basic types the first I’m going  to show you is for existing wood frame  windows in houses that have aluminum  vinyl or wood lap siding or a brick  exterior typically found in the eastern  part of the country  this installation will not work for  existing vinyl window frames the second  type is a flush flange application for  aluminum sliding windows in stucco homes  typically found in the western part of  the country and some other regions now  keep in mind that different brand  windows installed differently so be sure  to check the manufacturer’s instructions  also if any part of this installation  seems too difficult well.

Lowe’s can  professionally install your window for  you let’s start with the Eastern wood  frame now before you remove the old  window carefully inspect your frame for  water damage if your frame is soft from  extensive water damage you’ll most  likely need a complete frame replacement  however if just the sash has water  damaged you can install the window also  check to make sure your window frame is  square to know what size window you’ll  need measure inside the pocket of the  frame at the top middle and bottom also  measure the height from the highest  point on the sill at the left middle and  right then take the smallest of those  measurements to a Lowe’s associate to  make sure you get the right sized window  once you have your new one then you can  remove the parts of your old window and  I’ll show you how to do that on two  different windows the first is typical  of older construction score the paint or  varnish along the interior sash stops  use a putty knife and a pry bar to  carefully remove the stops if you have  them cut the balance chords on the  bottom sash and just let the weights  fall now you can take out the bottom  sash  then remove the parting stops lower.